About LIDE

Founded in Brazil in 2003, the LIDE – Entrepreneurial Leaders Group is an organization that brings together executives from a wide range of sectors in order to strengthen the free initiative of economic and social development, as well as the defense of the ethical principles of corporate governance in public and private spheres.

Present in several countries with 23 fronts, the group has 33 regional and international units with the purpose of enhancing entrepreneurship in the construction of an ethical society, developed and globally competitive.


  • Encourage and promote business relations;
  • Discuss economic and political themes of national interest;
  • Strengthen Corporate Governance;
  • Protect ethics, democratic principles, and management efficiency in the public and private sectors;
  • Promote, update and improve business knowledge;
  • Educate the private sector to social programs, with priority for education and professional training;
  • Encourage the respect for the environment.